About Us

Sha Roose

Researcher / Writer

I was always an avid storyteller, but it wasn’t something that was seen as feasible by typical Asian parents who would rather have me focus on more economically viable professions. So, I put my storytelling habits aside to focus more on academia, especially as a Person with Disability living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. One must consider the future. Alas, my penchant for creative pursuits did not leave me, and I ended up on a more design-oriented trajectory anyway, finding myself in Interior Design and Architecture after a brief stint in law school. It brings me joy to work in a field that involves the creation of narratives within the built environment, crafting habitable spaces.

However, professions do not define a human being. I spend a significant amount of my time consuming various forms of media and information to inform my creative pursuits and maintain a multidisciplinary perspective. I also enjoy playing games, ranging from tabletop RPGs to video games. When I’m not gaming or creating, I participate in disability advocacy work where I can.

My love for storytelling had never wavered, and combined with my deep adoration for my culture, I find myself here with my labor of love: the Tales and Oracles of Eleven.

Ambi Sun

Designer / Illustrator

When I was a child, I had always been into mythology, fairytales and folklore from all places, especially Greek and Norse mythology as those were always popularized and easily accessible. Growing up in South East Asia (S.E.A.), I was always told tales from Malaysia and the countries surrounding us, but as I grew older, I started to wonder why S.E.A. folklore wasn’t as popular as Greek or Norse myths even though we also had stories that were equally as interesting and captivating. 

This led me down a rabbit hole of learning about the history of S.E.A. and how due to war and colonization, so much of our cultural history had disappeared since most of our stories are passed down orally. This motivated me to start working on the development of Tales and Oracle of Eleven with my friend Sha Roose, who I asked to be a writer for the anthology. 

For this project, I will be creating all 44 illustrations and fulfilling all other graphic needs, along with running the Kickstarter campaign, manufacturing and fulfilment of the book and deck.

Guest Artists

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