Oracle of eleven

Lessons we can learn from the tales

Stories and Divination

Oracle of Eleven is a 44 card Oracle deck that is inspired by the myths and folklore of South East Asia. 
Many of these tales have layers of meaning and symbolism that can be explored further. The Oracle will provide keywords and context that help readers fully appreciate the depth and values imparted by these stories.
Whether you’re a seasoned oracle reader or a curious beginner, this deck will inspire you to connect with your inner wisdom and explore the legends from the Southeast.

Notes From The Author

South East Asia has deep roots when it comes to divination practices. While some practices date back to a time when borders were yet to be defined by colonial powers, indigenous communities thrive by engaging in rituals guided by revered elders and individuals attuned to the spirits.  

As cultures shifted and external influences seeped in through religion and trade, new divination practices found their way into the tapestry of our lands. One of these modern influences includes tarot and oracle decks which are increasingly growing in popularity.

By creating Oracle of Eleven, I hope to prompt the reader to have a deeper exploration and understanding of the stories told in Tales of Eleven via the illustration and keywords.

-Ambi Sun

Preview of the Cards