Tales of eleven

44 stories from 11 of the South East Asian countries

The Myths & Legends

The Tales of Eleven is an illustrated book filled with stories of mythical creatures, and heroic adventurers.
You can immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of fables and folklore as this anthology presents four enchanting tales from each of the eleven unique countries, carefully curated to showcase the diversity and beauty of their oral traditions.
If you’re a fan of mythology or simply love a good story, this book is an opportunity to discover the rich and varied cultures of Southeast Asia.


Collecting stories from different countries was quite a challenging task, especially since many of these stories were passed down through oral tradition and have been scarred by the painful effects of colonization.
In some countries, we see local stories, once woven into the fabric of their communities, systematically erased and slowly forgotten. Despite facing resource limitations, I approached the research and writing with great care, making sure to select stories that were not widely known and focused on ones featuring diverse protagonists, intriguing outcomes, and meaningful analogies.
It is important to us that in the retelling process, close attention was paid to accurately representing the creatures mentioned in the stories, ensuring they were native to the respective regions or held cultural significance. 
I am sincerely grateful to each and every one of you for taking the time to explore and discover the tales and I genuinely hope that its contents help you learn, grow, and find inspiration.
– Sha Roose

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